Poetry is a beautiful art form. My Uncle Remon encouraged me to use this art form to express myself and serve as an outlet during a difficult time in my life.


Music is a big part of our life. Music is intrinsically woven into the fabric of who we are as people. Music is synonymous with our culture. Music has been around before we were writing.


This dramatic journey began in the mid 80’s. Dr. T was reciting poetry, dancing, and taking the stage as a skilled soliloquist.  She was also writing scripts and inviting her classmates to be a part of her...


SOULFLO Situational Comedy Show Powered By The SOULFLO Band

Experience laughter and live music like never before at the SOULFLO Situational Comedy Show, fueled by the dynamic rhythms of the SOULFLO Band.

Date: Friday, June 14, 2024
Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Location: Center for Community and the Arts, 750 E 9th St, Charlotte, NC 28202

Featured Comedians:
- Comedian Jon Alliss
- Headliner John Harris III
- Comedian Dr. T

Ticket Prices:
- General Admission: $10.00
- VIP Tickets: $25

Join us for a night of uproarious laughter and unforgettable entertainment!

DR. T Founder and CEO

She is the founder of “Tochi Bueno Productions”. She is the second eldest of six; her mother is to whom the name of the company honors. Dr. T, as many know her, is a proud veteran of the United States Armed Forces as well as a dedicated educator, avid positivist, and community peace advocate. Her journey as a performer began in the mid 80’s as a dancer and soliloquist. She later studied the arts in college. In the summer of 1993, Dr. T transitioned in entertainment becoming a radio broadcaster for an urban contemporary radio station. She also served as a board operator for a country and today’s hits radio station. She began her journey as an actress and comedienne in the early 2000’s; it was this experience that would bring her back to the stage over a decade later. Additionally, she, thoroughly, enjoys reading and having quiet time as well as writing short stories, homilies, and poems. She has also written, directed, produced, and performed in a number of theatrical stage plays in México, Texas, Michigan, Northern Virginia, North and South Carolina.  Dr. T is committed to continuing the work of Christ and living simply and peacefully. She is blessed and extremely grateful to have such an amazing group of people believe in her dream and work together to realize it.

Motivational Speaking by Tochi Bueno

Tochi Bueno Productions is dedicated to educating and uplifting all people. We believe that each person is valuable having special gifts and a specific purpose.  We realize that the difference - the change - the spark begins with us. Therefore, we must share our love, insight, experience, and encouragement. Our prayer is that those we impact would come to know their purpose and fulfill it.   For us Motivational Speaking goes hand in hand with shining a light of hope that makes lives and the world brighter.  When we are brighter things are better.
Each of our speakers are educators. Our purpose is to inspire, inform, empower, and equip.  Each of us has a particular area of expertise. These specialties make us a great collaboration or solo oration. We consistently engage in ongoing professional development opportunities to both further and strengthen our knowledge to help us help those with whom we come in contact.  We engage in in-depth research and are active in the field.
We travel within the United States and abroad serving on panels, speaking at conferences, and providing seminars and workshops. We work diligently to uplift and encourage people to move forward, to dig deeper, to make changes, and become the best them possible. We desire to see people realize their true power in order to reach their full potential. The goal is to minimize distractions and optimize clarity.