About Us

Our Message

TBP endeavors to exemplify the “good news” of redemption though our unification in purpose and efforts to be effective in encouraging newness overflow in and though the lives of those we touch.  Our ministry is to "touch people" so that they may have something of substance to hold onto, to draw from, to apply to life; thus, to walk (live) out.   Tickling (or simply entertaining void education and edification) people is momentary and we desire to be momentous in our good works. Works of art as presented theatrically incorporating melodically woven together mosaics, words of inspiration, and publications of peace and community building master-peaces.

The “peaces”, that have been broken often leaves us in “pieces”, can be restored through the, timely, adhesive of hope, while held together with love; polished through reconciliation and sealed with an overlay of forgiveness.   We understand that when something as fragile as “our peace” is broken like a vase may never be returned to its original splendor, but it can be whole again and just as beautiful.  Every life has its cracks, but with restoration they may be transformed to passages of light so radiance might shine in just a bit more than it did before being broken.  Be encouraged, change life today by making peace and embracing the master-peace you are.