Theater Group Gives Hope

This dramatic journey began in the mid 80’s. Dr. T was reciting poetry, dancing, and taking the stage as a skilled soliloquist.  She was also writing scripts and inviting her classmates to be a part of her home movies "She My Sister Because She My Momma's Child" and "Vampire Camp Out".  

In the summer of 1993, she transitioned in entertainment becoming a radio broadcaster for an urban contemporary radio station.  Dr. T also served as a board operator for a country and today’s hits radio station. She would begin her studies of the arts the fall of the same year. 

In the early 2000’s she suffered migraines and was told she would have to take medication for the duration. Well, she sought the comfort and company of theater by joining a humble group; the migraines soon subsided. This theater group would offer her the opportunity to tour the Carolinas as an actress and comedienne; it was this experience that would bring her back to the area over a decade later.    

Dr. T is still a comedienne in her own right. She has a one woman show she presents in various venues throughout the year as the favored "Ms Guacamole" or better stated the flavored. 

Additionally, she, has written, directed, produced, and performed in a number of theatrical stage plays in México, Texas, Michigan, Northern Virginia, North and South Carolina.  Dr. T is committed to continuing the work of inspiring, living simply, and peacefully.  

TBP's hope is to continue bringing quality productions to the stage.