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Dr. T. Nicole Shockley

Dr. T. Nicole Shockley — educator, entrepreneur, and author — has been an instructor at various institutions for the past decade. Her doctoral dissertation focused on increasing the research focus on national disease screening for African American women and kidney disease.

As founder and president of Black Swan Visage, she provides workshops and motivational speaking on issues relating to health disparities and social justice in the African American community. She has presented her research to several organizations, including New York’s Columbia University Health Disparities Conference at Teachers College and Tomorrow People’s Public Health Conferences in Bangkok, Thailand and Kuching, Malaysia.

She is the author of Blackness: The Life and Times of an Unpopular People and is working on its sequel, Blackness II: The American Schism. She is in the process of penning a third book, Living in the Age of Disease, both of which are slated to be published in 2017. She also serves as Operations Manager for Tochi Bueno Productions, a Charlotte theatre outreach company known for its stage plays, such as RSVP: Real Struggles Venomous People.

Dr. Shockley has a Bachelor of Science from West Chester University, and a Master of Science in Business Management and Doctorate in Public Health from Walden University.


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Pastor Danny Lee

Pastor Danny Lee has been a Speaker, Teacher, and Preacher since 1978, speaking at churches, schools, prisons, conventions, conferences and camp meetings. Pastor Lee graduated from West Coast Bible College, in Fresno California in 1980 with a Major in Biblical Studies and was awarded the Who’s Who Among Students as well as Outstanding Young Men of America. Pastor Lee is an Ordained Bishop with the Church of God, Cleveland TN, and has served as Youth Pastor, Associate Pastor, Evangelism Director, Teacher, Head Master, Pastor, District Overseer, and Missionary. Pastor Lee has been a workshop Speaker at G.C.A.C.S. and A.C.S.I.  conducting workshops on the “Dangers of Social Media”. Currently, Pastor Lee is the Founder and President of Faith Mission Ministries and has been traveling internationally conducting Discipleship, Youth Worker and Pastor Training Conferences as well as traveling throughout the United States raising funds to build churches and orphanages throughout the country of India. Pastor Lee’s book entitled “No Longer Faithless but Believing” will be coming soon. To request information concerning Pastor Lee’s Mission Work or to book Pastor Lee to speak for your church, school, or conference you can contact him at or Faith Mission Ministries at 980-297-0012