“Which Way To Go”

The clock ticks the seconds go
Minutes tock and our streams of dreams flow

Sometimes we catch a wave just right and ride it like never before
And others we sit waiting for the improbable the inevitable ending up back on the shore

Sometimes we think not now or later perhaps way afterwhile
Other times we realize the true value when handling a trial

Light covers and by day we carry on and out
Darkness falls we reflect as thoughts maneuver about

Oh all the things we didn’t get through
So much we could have done but failed to do

The definitive tick tock tick tock continues distinctively
Pacing ensues – we’re worn down facing the ground instinctively

The opportunities we had and those we carelessly whispered away
Deep peace that met us when our word was what we meant not just something to say

The hard times we endured feeling lost and alone
Mismanagement misallocation of us the list goes on

The ships that docked, sank, and those that have set sail
The chances we had – the calculated risks – efforts to no avail

Those that got the better of us; those that got the worst
Them that injured our soul; those who deliberately set out to hurt

When we thought little of ourselves and played our hand as such
The negativity that tries to pollute our consciousness with a single touch

The infamous thrill seemingly long gone
The surfacing of importance the emergence of a new dawn

The time piece sounds and sways to and fro
The moment is now to choose which way to go…

Dr. T

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